February 19, 2015

Included Extras

Extras Included With The BioCart

  • 10″ Android tablet with proprietary Air-Care app allows wireless control of the Bio Cart. On/Off touch control for interior LED lighting, exterior LED amber & blue lighting, UV light, blower, IN USE light, bellows up & down. When the blower is active you can also view real-time air pressure.
  • A 40-foot retractable power cord is installed in every cart.
  • The Power cord is fitted with a GFI plug for safe operation around pipes and damp locations.
  • The 14 gauge cord is rated at 15 amps
  • A secondary circuit breaker is included inside the cart for added protection.
  • Tool box.
  • Electrical outlets located at the top of the cart.
  • Electrical outlets are located on the toolbox shelf for charging tools.
  • Variable speed control for air scrubber blower motor.
  • External document or work order holder.
  • LED exterior amber or blue lighting.
  • UVGI lights in the air scrubber.
  • Electrical Interlock turns of UVGI and Blower when HEPA door opened.
  • “IN USE” sign with red LEDs in the door.