Air-Care Indoor Air Quality Specialist Building

The Air-Care Mission

At Air-Care our mission is to help our customers develop a successful and profitable business. We help to support their needs by providing them access to quality equipment at an affordable price, and by supplying them with the knowledge they need to become successful in the indoor air quality industry.

Our products are the staple that make all this possible.  In addition to our air duct cleaning equipment, we provide the much-needed tools to help you build your business and continue to be successful; such as permanent electrostatic air filters and UV air-purification systems. We offer continuous support in a long-term relationship and would like you to think of us as your partners, not just a manufacturer of equipment.



The History of Air-Care

The President of Air-Care, Richard Papaleo, started Air-Care in 1979. His purpose was to address the problems of indoor air contamination from HVAC systems.  At the time, most homeowners with forced air heating and cooling gave little thought to the filters, and the fact that the air they and their family were breathing in, every day, was passing through these filters firsthand.  To top it off, furnace manufacturers only specified minimal filtration leaving the collection of only the large debris that posed a major fire hazard. This left the remaining contaminated threats that could be filtered back into the air, free to pass through the filter and back into the environment.

Richard revolutionized the air duct cleaning industry by creating high quality portable electronic equipment, that was affordable, and could be used to efficiently and effectively clean both residential and commercial air systems.  He had a vision that drove him to pioneer the concept of a high efficiency electrostatic filter that would not only keep the air systems clean and functioning properly, but would also deliver clean, healthy air inside the building or home.

Today, over 40 years later, Air-Care is known to be one of the top leading international authorities on air duct cleaning equipment and services. The introduction of the Bio Cart revolutionizes the industry, and thrusts us into a whole new chapter in the long history of Air-Care providing cleaner indoor air to everyone.

Air-Care Guiding Values

  • Faith in God
  • Honesty
  • Extra-mile service
  • Ongoing improvement
  • Fairness
  • Professionalism
  • Maintain a positive attitude in all matters
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