The Bio Cart vs. The Competition

Air-Care is the leading provider of bio-contaminant evacuation solutions within the air duct cleaning industry. We have a unique understanding of the interaction between duct cleaning equipment, its users, and designing the best equipment for maintaining healthy bio-contaminant free environments.

With over 39 yrs of experience in the air-duct cleaning and manufacturing business, our top engineers and biochemical experts collaborated together to create the most advanced, easy to use, portable bio-containment cart available on the market today!  Only the most sophisticated products were incorporated in the Bio Cart. This enables the user to deliver the highest quality while easily navigating through even some of the smallest corridors and walkways.

The Bio Cart provides containment for work on plumbing, electrical wiring, IT computer cables and fiber optic lines above the ceiling while capturing contaminates and exhausting clean air into the room.  It is 32″ wide x 73″ long and 77″ high.  The Air-Care Bio Cart will easily fit through most doors and elevators, with variable height adjustments that expand to over 13′ feet high to reach the standard ceiling height in healthcare facilities.

Competitor Comparison

FeatureBio Cart 13LTHEPA Cart 55The Solution 13 Cart
10' Android Tablet.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
15 foot, 3 stage fiberglass ladder fits through cart doors. Ladder aids in increasing electrical protection and meets OSHA requirements.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
40 ft, 14ga auto retracting power cord with power indicator plug and 15 amp ground-fault breaker.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
99.97% at .3 micron HEPA filter with electrostatic and carbon pre filters.No-comparison-checkmarkOptionalOptional
4, 4"x 2" wheels - 2 for total Lock & swivel caster, & 2 with separate swivel lock & wheel breaks.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
AC power outlets and USB outlets are conveniently located on control panel & toolbox shelf.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Built in air scrubber with backward inclined fan.880
Easy maneuverability in tight hallways, elevators, and doorways.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Exterior amber and blue LED Lighting.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Extruded, anodized aluminum lightweight frame.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Fiberglass ladder to increase electrical protection and meet OSHA requirements. No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
First aid kit included.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Fits through standard 34" wide doorways.32" wide29" or 39" wide33" wide
Foam top seal for irregular ceiling surfaces.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Free freight ( within the Continental US ) for a limited time.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Front facing camera (tablet controlled).No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Fully assembled.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Fully customizable. No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
HEPA filter can be changed from the outside of the cart.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
ICRA Class 1-4 compliant.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Interior LED lights.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
"In Use" light.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-checkmark
Lifetime expectancy.15 yrs.10 yrs.10 yrs.
Locking door and pass through windows allow added safety while passing tools and equipment to the tech inside the cart, thus blocking contaminated air from entering the clean environment.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Manual override control panel for all controls.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Manufactured in the USA.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Pass through cable opening with brush seal.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Power Lift for variable height bellows.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Power outlets and USB outlets are conveniently located on control panel and toolbox shelf.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
PPE included (Coveralls, Shoe Covers, Goggles, Dust masks).No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Pressure monitoring device (built into tablet).No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Proprietary Air-Care Android app.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Push/Pull handles on both ends.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Redistributes HEPA filtered air to flow out of the bottom of the cart, thus aiding in the prevention of area disruption.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Removable bellows for easy cleaning.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Scratch resistant, easily cleaned, thermal bonded sides and door.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Setup time:30
Three drawer, lockable toolbox included.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Top dust cover.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
UVC germicidal lamps in HEPA air scrubber to kill mold, and bacterial viruses captured in the HEPA filter.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Variable speed control provides full flow at low sound level.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Winch hook included for easy transportation between job sites.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Wireless WiFi tablet based controls.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross