Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the Bio Cart by Air-Care unique?

A. It is the only containment cart on the market that has power operated bellows, making it easy for one person to operate. It comes standard with a built in HEPA filtered Air Scrubber that has UVGI lamps to kill biological contaminants, and exhausts the clean air out the bottom so it does not blow documents off of desks. It comes standard with a 40 foot retractable power cord, a 15 foot extension ladder that can remain in place when moved between rooms or with elevators, and has a smaller footprint than any other containment cart that can reach 13 feet high ceilings. The Bio Cart by Air-Care is constructed out of aluminum, making it durable, light weight, strong and easy to clean.


How tall of a ceiling can I access with the Bio Cart?

A. The Bio Cart by Air-Care reaches ceilings over 13 feet high with the Premium model and 10 feet with the Bio Cart 10.


Tell me about the ladder used in the Bio Cart.

A. The 3 section, telescoping ladder that is only 66″ tall when collapsed, and extends to 15 feet. It is rated class A for up to 300 lbs. Though it comes with the BIO Cart, it can be removed and used as a normal ladder in other places.


What about maneuverability?

A. Resting on the 2 swivel  locks and two wheels with brakes, casters the Bio Cart is amazingly easy to move using handles on either end. All 4 casters that swivel the cart can be rotated 360° within its own length.


How do you use the Bio Cart?

A. The Bio Cart by Air-Care is easily operated by one person. Simply roll the cart into its work space, plug the retractable GFI cord in, step inside and close the door. Then all you need to do is raise the bellows into place with the power lift and you’re ready to go. Just turn on the air scrubber, extend the ladder for taller ceilings and you are set!


How is the cart delivered?

A. The Bio Cart is extremely well covered and shipped completely assembled on a special pallet. Just remove the unit from the pallet and begin your work!


I am interested in buying one, who do I call?

A. The Bio Cart is manufactured by Air-Care and can be purchased directly. Just call 1-800-322-9919 and ask for one of the sales associates.


What will I benefit from using the Bio Cart?

A. The benefits of the Bio Cart are numerous. It is used in hospital or medical facilities, to protect patients from dust, debris bio aerosols that can fall from ceiling tile when removed to work on lights, wires or plumbing. It allows work to be scheduled when it is not practical to evacuate personnel from a sensitive area. It will save you labor costs due the ease of which it is operated and in turn that saves you money.


What is the air flow capacity of the HEPA filtration fan?

A. The Bio Cart is equipped with an 880 CFM HEPA filtration system (Both Carts). The fan maintains a negative pressure inside the Bio Cart, and passes the air through an electrostatic pre-filter to collect larger particles, and into a UVC/UVGI area above the HEPA filter (Bio Cart 13 Premium only) to kill biological contaminates trapped by the HEPA filter. Finally after the 99.97% HEPA filter, clean air is released back into the room via the diffuse vents in the floor of the Bio Cart so that it does not disturb documents on the desks .