Hospital Dust Control & Prevention

Today’s hospitals are more concerned than ever regarding the containment of airborne particles during IT routing, construction and building maintenance.

With a portable containment unit like the Bio Cart, routine work can be totally isolated from sensitive areas while it is being performed. Scheduling of needed work is easier when evacuation is not required to maintain a safe environment.

State, local and federal guidelines are being drawn up to require many tasks to use portable containment units to help meet requirements to reduce nosocomial infection rates in hospitals (HAI or Healthcare Associated Infections).



Prevention Of Airborne Pathogens :

Contractors that fail to ensure proper infection control practices are putting patients and hospitals at risk. Delaying routine maintenance, such as fixing a water leak in the ceiling, can also increase the risk of contamination. 

The Bio Cart has UVC/UVGI in its Air Scrubber to neutralize biological contaminates captured from ceiling debris. Using the Bio Cart, when above ceiling maintenance is required, ensures a dust and debris free environment that in turn prevents expensive down time. Scheduled preventive maintenance tasks can be performed without evacuation of sensitive areas.


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