Bio Cart Features

HEPA Filtration | Power Lift | Locking Casters | Bellows | Extension Ladder | Included Extras | Pre-Filters

Electrostatic air filtration
Electrostatic pre-filter and odor adsorbing carbon pad in the air scrubber.

Clear pass through window
Convenient pass through window ensures controlled access.

UVC/UVGI above the HEPA filter for an added measure of protection from biological contaminants.

HEPA Filtration Door
HEPA replacement via exterior door.  Interlock on HEPA door to stop blower motor and turn off UVC/UVGI lights when opened.

Heavy duty caster wheels
Swivel casters on all 4 corners allow one technician to maneuver through tight areas or long halls.

Telescoping ladder
Built in, 3 stage extension ladder that can be transported through doors and elevators without being removed.

Variable Speed Control
The expanding and collapsing bellows are operated by a power lift and maintain negative pressure in the work area at all heights without “billowing” into the cart when the air scrubber is turned on.

Variable Height Adjustments
One Size Fits All; the Bio Cart’s clever design eliminates the need for various model sizes. 
Stands 6.5 feet when bellows are collapsed and can reach a max height of 13 feet with the bellows fully extended.
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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