The Bio Cart vs. The Competition

Air-Care’s Bio Cart is the standard by which portable containment carts are measured in the healthcare and clean room environments. Never before have maintenance and construction dust and debris been so easy to contain in hospitals and other sterile environments during required access to the area above the ceilings. Only the Bio Cart has a powered lifting and lowering of the top section to the ceiling, and only the Bio Cart has expanding bellows to contain the area between the top of the cart and the ceiling work area. The built in air scrubber uses a certified HEPA filter, but also adds UVC/UVGI lamps between the pre-filter and the HEPA filter for an added level of protection not found in other HEPA carts. A carbon pad is attached to the pre-filter to adsorb odors. Clean air is returned to the room through vents specifically located in the floor of the Bio Cart so no papers or other objects are disturbed by the exhaust airflow.

FeatureBio Cart 13HEPA CartThe Solution
Power Lift for variable height bellowsNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
UVC germicidal lamps in HEPA air scrubber to kill mold, and bacterial viruses captured in the HEPA filter.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Single control panel for all controls.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Built in air scrubber with backward inclined fan.880 CFM 750 CFM750 CFM
Variable speed control provides full flow at low sound level.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
99.97% at .3 micron HEPA filter with electrostatic and carbon pre filters.No-comparison-checkmarkOptionalOptional
Redistributes HEPA filtered air to flow out the bottom preventing environment distruption.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
HEPA filter can be changed from the outside the cart.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Foam top seal for irregular ceiling surfaces.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Pass tools and equipment through the window to the tech in the cart without introducing contaminated air into the clean environment.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Pass through cable opening with brush seal.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
40 ft, 14ga auto retracting power cord with power indicator plug and 15 amp circuit breaker.40 ft.25 ft.25 ft.
Power cord includes GFI protection for the whole cart.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
15 foot, 3 stage telescopic ladder fits through cart doors.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Fiberglass ladder to increase electrical protection and meet OHSA requirements.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Telescopic ladder travels with the cart or can be easily removed for cleaning, etc.15 ft max height6 ft max height6 ft max height
Easy maneuverability in tight hallways, elevators, and doorways.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Winch hook included for easy transportation between job sites.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Swivel caster wheels and locking brakes.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Fits through standard 34" wide doorways.32" wide29" or 39" wide33" wide
Pressure monitoring device.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Manufactured in the USA.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Removable bellows for easy cleaning.No-comparison-checkmarkNo bellowsNo bellows
Locking door and pass through window.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Scratch resistant, easily cleaned, thermal bonded sides and door.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Pull/push handles on both ends.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Setup time30 seconds40 seconds38 seconds
Extruded, anodized aluminum lightweight frame.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Power outlets at top of cart and toolbox shelf.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Three drawer, lockable toolbox included.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
First aid kit includedNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
PPE included (Coveralls, Shoe Covers, Goggles, Dustmasks)No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
Interior lights, and 2 LED panelsNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
ICRA Class 1-4 compliant.No-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
"In Use" lightNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-checkmark
Fully assembledNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Lifetime expectancy15 years10 years10 years
Top dust coverNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-checkmark
Free freightNo-comparison-checkmarkNo-comparison-crossNo-comparison-cross
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